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I had quite a lot of fun with this game ^^ 

I'm so glad! Thanks for playing

I can't get it to run on macOS Catalina
"The developer of this app needs to update it to work with this version of macOS. Contact the developer for more information."

Could this because the game is compiled in 32bit instead of 64bit?


Very possible. I'll look into this. Thank you for letting me know!

thank you so much for your time! It is greatly appreciated :D

Came here for the same reason - hope it's fixed!

Thank you for being so patient!! I believe the game should work now. I don't actually have a newer Mac to test on, though, so please let me know if it still isn't working!

Hidden Gem! Thanks for contributing it to the bundle for racial justice and equality. 

Wrote up a review for anyone interested.


Such a great review!! Thank you so much :)

Simple concept mashed into a nice silly environment that makes you want to explore finding more pants.

I really enjoyed trying to find all the pants. The little quotes were fun to read. The design is pleasing to the eye. Finding the golden pants was a challenge but it builds up nicely to it. Ripping good job. Your game is the last part of the video.

Fun, simple game that has a surprisingly high skill ceiling.

Mechanics - 5/5It's so easy to play. Yet there are some pretty challenging pants to find, and some require some unique thinking.

Visuals - 4/5The art style is cheeky, and I love the haircut options. I would love the option to customize the character. The camera can sometimes cut a little too close and be disorienting, especially in the sewer.

Sound - 3.5/5Music changes along with your presence, making the pressure rise. Similar to the visuals, however, the repeated effects could sometimes be disorienting.

Story - N/APremise is really funny. It would be cool to have a story mode!

Overall - 4.5/5   Difficulty - Slightly Hard

Completed - (11 out of 15 pants) (1.5-2 hrs)


This was really fun! Got it in the Bundle for Racial Equality & played it through with my son - the pants-ripping animation at the start of each run never got old :-) We explored the whole map and uncovered some secrets, like finding a friend for the pantsless guy in the garden. Things we didn't get:

* What are the collectibles that make a whirring noise whn you pick them up? Do you need to get them all in one run?

* How do you get the pants in the alley between the museum & the record store?

* Is there an ending sequence - do you have to find every pair in one run, or with the same character across multiple runs? Every time I restart the pants are greyed out...

Thanks for adding this to the bundle!


I’m so happy you and your son enjoyed it!!

-yes you have to pick up those collectibles in the same run. They form a new pair of pants.

-when you get embarrassed, you start running faster. If you run into the fence blocking the alley using your Embarrassment Boost, the fence will break!

-there’s not really an ending sequence, but you can get silver and gold pants for collecting multiple pairs in the same run. Silver for collecting half the pants, Gold for collecting all.


That's really helpful, thanks - I never would have thought to knock the fence down! Can I ask one more question-is there a way out of the sewers, or do you have to do that as the final part of a gold run? I always get stuck down there and in the museum... 


There’s no way out of the sewers! There is a way out of the museum, though. In the room with the pants, there should be a door to outside.

We did it! Thanks for the help :-)

Great job!!!

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This game is a very realistic simulation of stealth, it surpassed all other so called "tactical" games like Metal Gear, Splinter Cell and so on. This game has taught me to be the next Solid Snake and now I'm going to apply to the CIA and it's all thanks to you for making this ultimate simulation. Thus, to express my gratitude, I made a let's play video which most of whatever I was talking about didn't have anything to do with the game at all.

Jokes aside, this was a really cute looking game with a unique concept and fluid gameplay. I also really liked the stage design and the difficulty was just right.

The game is really cute and the dialogue at the beginning is fun. However, I couldn't figure out how to get more than one pair of pants at a time- am I suppose to hold down space bar as I search for other ones?

You can keep running around while you're holding a pair of pants! And then you put on all of your found pants at the same time by not moving for 3 seconds.

Wow, that's big brain.

I loved this game so cute and fun. I don't really have a following that can help sorry, I'm new to YouTube.

Such a good video!! Thank you for playing :D

Dude anytime the game was awesome ^_^


my game crashed and i got an error report which says the dev cares. does anyone know how to contact them/ if they still care?


I still care!! Can you send it to



I wish you could like give the guy near the fountain pants and it would be like an achievement or somethin

You can't give them pants, but there is a way to make them feel less alone!! There's something (or someone) you can bring to them

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Ive reviewed this game because I enjoyed it so much! Check it out!

Jump to 1:56 for the review!

Thanks so much!! Great review!


it should be free

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The prototype is free!