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“For three bucks on Steam it’s a no-brainer if you’re looking for a good way to kill time before bed or, if you’re a true sneaky mastermind, at work while you should be writing memos and whatnot.” – Game Space

“Nearly everything about this game is an absolute delight...” – Steam Shovelers

“The game, needless to say, is very funny. With multiple locations, blocky visuals and a jaunty soundtrack, Ripped Pants at Work is a delightful blast of stealth-based fun.” – Red Bull Games

Ripped Pants at Work is a frantic stealth game about searching for new pants. Players control an ordinary office worker on their first day of work. After an unfortunate incident involving a pencil on the floor and pants that were way too tight, the player must venture out of the office and into the city on a hunt for new pants.

Explore a small, open city filled with different pairs of pants! Players can challenge themselves to find the most pants in the shortest amount of time. Some pants are easy to find. Some are a bit trickier! 

This happens to everybody! Ripping your pants is one of those things that everyone can sympathize with, but it's still so embarrassing. Every time you play, you'll control a new, randomly generated character!

If you find pants successfully, you'll continue as the same person. If you get caught with no pants, you'll be fired and play as the next person hired for the job!

  • Sneak through a small, open-world, city, full of unique locations and people.

  • Break line of sight, hide behind people and in bushes, and run across streets and through buildings with a unique brand of frantic stealth.

  • Play the game as a different, randomly generated character every time. If you get caught pantsless by too many people, you'll get fired for indecency. The cycle continues with the next person to get hired for your job.

  • Best your personal record and see how many pairs of pants you can get in the shortest amount of time!


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$2.99 $0.00 USD or more

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This game is a very realistic simulation of stealth, it surpassed all other so called "tactical" games like Metal Gear, Splinter Cell and so on. This game has taught me to be the next Solid Snake and now I'm going to apply to the CIA and it's all thanks to you for making this ultimate simulation. Thus, to express my gratitude, I made a let's play video which most of whatever I was talking about didn't have anything to do with the game at all.

Jokes aside, this was a really cute looking game with a unique concept and fluid gameplay. I also really liked the stage design and the difficulty was just right.

The game is really cute and the dialogue at the beginning is fun. However, I couldn't figure out how to get more than one pair of pants at a time- am I suppose to hold down space bar as I search for other ones?

You can keep running around while you're holding a pair of pants! And then you put on all of your found pants at the same time by not moving for 3 seconds.

Wow, that's big brain.

I loved this game so cute and fun. I don't really have a following that can help sorry, I'm new to YouTube.

Such a good video!! Thank you for playing :D

Dude anytime the game was awesome ^_^

my game crashed and i got an error report which says the dev cares. does anyone know how to contact them/ if they still care?

I still care!! Can you send it to scethington@gmail.com


I wish you could like give the guy near the fountain pants and it would be like an achievement or somethin

You can't give them pants, but there is a way to make them feel less alone!! There's something (or someone) you can bring to them

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Ive reviewed this game because I enjoyed it so much! Check it out!

Jump to 1:56 for the review!

Thanks so much!! Great review!


it should be free

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The prototype is free!