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Such an excellent game! It is very fluid, fun and addictive and once I start playing I cannot stop! The only problem is that it is VERY short and I would have loved more...MORE levels!

Thank you so much, mate!

I'm so glad you liked it!!

I can't pass the level 3. -_-||

Thanks so much for contributing this game to the bundle for racial justice and equality! I had a great time playing it. I'll be humming that jangle for days! 

I've been writing reviews on my indie game review site as I poke my way through the bundle, and the game review is here:

This made my day!! Thank you for this great review!

A wonderful little puzzle game, with truly challenging levels! My only gripe with it is that it's criminally short :)

Thanks so much for playing and enjoying!! 

This game is a fantastic little meditative puzzler!

I’m so glad you like it!!


Question:  Are all the levels randomly-generated?


Nope! They are hand-designed. There are 40 levels total.