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You play as a human trying to survive in a world of llamas. You need to learn their language and communicate with them. Llamas have 2 needs: Love and Ham. Collect ham (remember to call "Dibs" first) and give it to other llamas in exchange for love. A loved llama is a happy llama.

This game was made in a week and it is very bad even for that.

Watch the "Making Of" video here! https://youtu.be/tZDt8tO8Sr0


Left click to move

Right click to select (you have to select an object before talking to it)

1-4 on the keyboard to speak at different pitches

String the different pitches together to form words

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Published 347 days ago
AuthorScott Ethington
Tagsbad, Survival


LlamaDrama.zip 10 MB

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