A downloadable game for Windows

You play as a high school journalist! You're out of class with a hallpass, taking pictures of scoop. The teachers will ignore you while your hallpass is still valid, but after it expires they will send you back to class... IF THEY CATCH YOU!

Use the camera to take pictures of scoop or use it to stun the teachers so they won't send you back to class.

Take pictures of scoop (kids holding hands) for your school newspaper and collect scoop points. Give the scoop points to the Journalism Club president (guy behind the NEWS door) or else they won't count towards your total.

Scoop points will only count towards your total score if you turn them in to the Journalism Club president!!!!


Arrow keys to move

Hold X to take pictures

Press Z to trade points for film


GetTheScoop_GBJAM5.zip 11 MB

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